Parent Support in
Special Education

You want them to thrive at school.
You know something must change.
You need help knowing what to do.

Your Ally in Special Ed


Exception-ALLY provides

personalized advice, tools, and information

based on your and your unique child.


We help you be your child’s best advocate in special education.

People Trust Us

This tool is wonderful. I like the way it’s broken down – very understandable for parents, staff and teachers.

Denise G. (NY), mother of a 14-year old son with ASD

Excellent concept… I’ve not seen anything like this out there anywhere else.

Mark Kamleiter, Special Education Lawyer

This tool completely turned around the tone of the meeting. Now, they knew she wanted to be involved, be present.

Karen R. (CA), Educator and Grandmother of a 7-year old boy with ASD

This tool gives the parent a voice. Otherwise, you’re relying on the schools, and they’re trying to individualize the plans, but they don’t know your kid like you do.

Joseph W. (FL), father of a 5-year boy with ASD

I really like the parents' opportunity to think about behaviors, goals, and supports. Often, parents are asked to sign off without sufficient time and explanation.

Former Elementary School Principal

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