Free Resources: IEP Information

Personal Learning Plan

  • Customized information based on your family’s needs
  • Faster and more personal than overwhelming Google searches
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Learning Library

  • Easy to understand articles by Special Education experts
  • Tips for success in the world of IEPs
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  • Live online sessions with Special Education experts
  • Real time feedback on your questions and situations
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Premium Resource: IEP Information

IEP Action Plan

  • The school has a plan for the IEP meeting. So should you.
  • Be prepared with a customized IEP Action Plan.
  • Receive recommended goals, accommodations and a personalized learning plan.
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Free Resources: School Compliance

Take Action Toolkit

  • Communication strategy for when the school team is missing the mark
  • Personalized tools for showing that you know your rights
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Free Resources: Year Round Support

Personal IEP Calendar

  • Visual schedule of year-round reports, events and activities
  • Clear outline of important dates for your child’s IEP
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IEP Reminders

  • For you: alerts when to expect reports from school
  • For the school team: reminders of upcoming due dates
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IEP Parent Rights

Premium Resource: Year Round Support

IEP Assistant

  • You want the very best from your child’s IEP. But to get it, you have to know and track SO MUCH information.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a helper manage it all? Let IEP Assistant do the heavy lifting.
  • Your choice: $10 billed monthly or $98 billed annually.
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