Better IEP Meetings ... At Last

Simplify special education.
Build Trust.
Engage parents in a whole new way.

Engage Parents Meaningfully

“This tool completely turned around

the tone of the meeting.”

– Karen R, grandmother of a child with ASD



Everyone suffers when IEP meetings go poorly.

Teachers lose time. Parents become frustrated.

Children can get lost in the shuffle.



Exception-ALLY saves time, reduces tension and builds trust with parents. 

How We Help

People Trust Us

This tool is wonderful. I like the way it’s broken down – very understandable for parents, staff and teachers.

Denise G. (NY), mother of a 14-year old son with ASD

Excellent concept… I’ve not seen anything like this out there anywhere else.

Mark Kamleiter, Special Education Lawyer

This tool completely turned around the tone of the meeting. Now, they knew she wanted to be involved, be present.

Karen R. (CA), Educator and Grandmother of a 7-year old boy with ASD

"When a parent comes in and they are really prepared, and ready and willing to work as a team, it makes a huge difference. This is gratifying."

Middle School Assistant Principal, NM

I really like the parents' opportunity to think about each of the behaviors, goals, and supports. Often, parents are asked to sign off on such important features without sufficient time and explanation to make informed choices.

Former Elementary School Principal

How It Works


Parents use Exception-ALLY to create customized Action Plans. These plans help prepare them for the IEP process.


Part of each plan is sent directly to the school team ahead of the next meeting. This gives everyone a common language to use, improving communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and school leaders.


The IEP process becomes more efficient, more pleasant, and more productive.


Informed parents. Clear expectations. Better meetings.

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